4th fever cycle in 6 weeks

4th fever cycle in 6 weeks

My sweet little Emmett John has hit yet another fever cycle.  The fever isn’t very high at all but you can see that he’s not feeling good. To make matters a bit worse,  he has got sores once his tongue again.

If your keeping track,  this is the fourth cycle in 5 or 6 weeks. This is unprecedented for Emmett and really rough on him.

Hopefully the geneticist will have answers for us so we know what is going on that causes this and also what we can do about it.

My heart breaks for my Emmett John.  🙁


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I just saw this entry and it gave me a start, because it reminded me of what we went through a few years ago. My aspie son had a periodic fever condition called PFAPA, a monthly high fever (etc) episode, which we were able to put into remission by going gluten and casein free. Yahoo has a great PFAPA support group that you might check out.


So sorry, that is miserable I have been down that road. Have you ever done any biomedical interventions?

Tina Banks

Get well soon Emmett prayers for you sweetie!

Kariman Elgohary Shama

ugh. sorry to hear this. hoping it clears up soon. im wondering if it is a viral infection, such as herpangina? it may be a lingering one. hopefully the doc can help. hugs to you all.


My kids have been sick the last few months continuously, too. Stay positive!!


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