The boys are in rare form today

Everyone is ready for and I have a few minutes to kill before I need to leave.  

The boys are in rare form this morning.  

Elliott is bouncing off the walls hyper and Emmett is full of . They’re  like polar opposites this morning and it’s been very difficult to get any level of cooperation. 

The only reason we have time to kill is because was up really early and got a jumpstart on the day. Thank God for that because the way these guys are going, we’d never have made it on time.  

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  • I had to carry my youngest son(6) to the bus this morning. The bus was early and the morning tv show hadn’t ended. My oldest didn’t protest, my middle son was upset, but still walked to the door. My youngest ran to the back of the house. So as I gathered my youngest to the front door, I saw the line of cars behind the waiting bus…and was thankful that it was only one child having a tantrum.

    • Wow. You had your hands full this morning. How are you doing now?

      • Oh this morning was nothing compared to others I’ve had. A nice walk in the park today helped alleviate the stress.

        • We’ve been walking in the morning as well. We’ve been walking through a historic cemetery. Sounds weird but it’s a peaceful place and there’s some amazing monuments there.