Daddy’s sanity is going going gone

Daddy’s sanity is going going gone

I have only been up about an hour and already things are getting out of control.  Emmett has done nothing but scream.

Elliott is wound pretty tight this morning as well.

The combination of Elliott and Emmett is akin to gasoline and a lit match. They don‘t play well together.

I’m gonna get Elliott to school and then figure out how to get up to see Gavin. I’m extremely anxious right now because Lizze’s phone stopped working yesterday and the hospital phone doesn’t allow long distance. All I can do is call the room but they are hopefully sleeping and I don‘t want to be the one to wake them up.

This is so incredibly frustrating and the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming.

Thank you all for your continued support.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I was thinking about your situation. Do you know of a mechanic or garage who is willing to take payments to fix your van? Just wondering because until recently, we’ve been living tight on money as well and our mechanic will make arrangements to take payments. Also, is there anywhere you can find a second-hand transmission? Like at the junk yard (the wreckers we call it here) where they sell second hand parts. Don’t lose hope! Praying for your family.


Thankfully the part that broke has been recalled. Good ideas though. We have made similar arrangements before as well.


Call the hospital and ask to talk to the nurses station. Then you can get an update, find out if they're sleeping, etc.

Onyx Panthyr

Gods, I 'm praying that things come together for you guys soon. 🙁


Praying this morning.
My recent post Once upon a time…

Kariman Elgohary Shama

I keep hoping and praying things get better for the kids. Stay strong. Hugs


I am sure if it is available then you would know about it, but have you looked into respite services that might be able to take care of the kids even for a few hours? I know some states offer them, but I don't know about Ohio.
You may be able to call the nurses station in Gavin's ward to get an update on him. That is what I have done when family members are hospitalized.
Good luck. Thinking of you and praying for you.

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