Feeding 3 kids on the #Autism Spectrum

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This is a really good example of some of the everyday challenges, facing families like mine.  We have three boys on the Autism spectrum and each with various sensory related challenges.

Every mealtime is a challenge because each one of my boys not only have different tastes but also food related challenges.

Between texture/color/smell sensitivities, feeding everyone without buying pizza, is very challenging.

What’s your mealtime experience?


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KrystalMomf6 autismdoggirl Pizza is our go to as well.  Thank God there’s a $5 pizza place around the corner from us. That you autismdoggirl for your insight.  I truly appreciate it.  Keep up the great work.  🙂


Oh God Yes!! I feel like I make anywhere from 4 to 6 different meals per sitting because they are just so different and will not eat the same things. The only thing that they do agree on is the go to pizza – so yes, there’s a lot of pizza in our lives.


As an adult in the spectrum food is still a big challenge for me. I will say my food issues lessened a bit as I got older and have even tried one or two new things that I ended up liking. However I am very sensitive to spices. I can also finaly handle having my food touch as a mid that would ruine the whole meal. I also can’t eat thing like mashed potatoes olives and such. I don’t have any solutions but just wanted to say your not alone. It is also challenging to eat at others houses unless I know them.