#Autism: Fallout and Overstimulation

This past week has been the busiest we’ve seen in quite some time.  Gavin‘s health is really starting to overshadow much of our lives.

Ironically,  Gavin‘s doing really well and now Elliott,  Emmett and Lizze are the ones struggling.

Elliott and Emmett have had their precious and desperately needed routines completely disrupted this past week. This disruption has lead to turmoil within the Lost and Tired household.

Elliott spent a large portion of the week at his Grandparents house.

Emmett spent most of the weekone on one with me.

Lizze spent most of the week with Gavin in the hospital. 

Bringing Elliott and Emmett back together after a few days apart is like taking a shower in gasoline and then lighting a road flare. It’s best described as extremely combustible. As much as they missed each other and are excited to reunite, it’s simply doesn’t go well.

Emmett is super aggressive and just doesn’t listen. I might as well just best my head into the wall because discipline isn’t working and trying right now is beyond discouraging.

Elliott is not listening either and is uber whiny.  The kind of whining that’s like nails on a chalk hoard.  It just drives me crazy. 

The combination of Elliott and Emmett’s  behaviors, should have been banned during the Geneva Convention as a form of shear torture.  Yes…it’s that bad.

No matter how many times we are in a situation like this, I’m always surprised by how profoundly affected the other kids are when something is going on with Gavin. One would think I would be used to it but for some reason, I never see it coming.

It would be nice to be able to minimize the impact one of Gavin‘s health scares have on the entire Lost and Tired family.

That’s probably wishful thinking but going forward,  I think I will try harder to minimize the impact on the boys.  I have to do my best to keep their schedules and routines as consistent as possible during a time of crisis. I fear these health scares are going to be more frequent going forward.

We need to be able to weather the storms as they come through. Right now I’ll be really honest with you. The very thought of having to work harder is just so overwhelming……..

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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