Autonomic Disorder: Problems Arise Again (05/07/2012)

It’s a bad news Monday. 

I hate Mondays to begin with but this one in particular is on my sh!t list.  Lizze just returned from the pediatricians office and is the barer of bad news.  For starters,  Gavin is beginning to crash again.  He spent the better part of the  appointment sleeping.

We have been told that Gavin cannot return to school,  at least for what’s remaining of this current school year.

Personally,  I don’t care about school at this point.  In my opinion,  we need to get his health stabilized,  if at all possible. However,  we will likely have to consider homeschooling him for next year though.

Right now,  I just want to focus on addressing the immediate crisis. 

We are going to have to figure something out because things are getting even more complicated than what they already have been.

God helps us……

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Gosh darn, when it rains it pours…no pun intended here in Stark Co….but I really feel you and Lizzie and poor Gavin 🙁 wow….in my prayers…and yes, his health is the top priority, school can wait…it will still be there ya know…
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