Autonomic Disorder: Update 05/09/2012

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I wanted to update everyone as to Gavin‘s current status. Since coming home on Friday night, he has been pretty stable.

He’s sleeping a whole lot right now but hasn’t passed out at all or been anything more than nauseous.

The Cleveland Clinic is reworking the schedule in so that Gavin can be seen,  ASAP.

The biggest change right now is that Gavin cannot return to school for at least the remainder of this school year. He will be meeting at the library with a teacher and few hours a week and than working from home

There is no way,  given the nature of this disorder that his body would tolerate the schedule within the class room.

Hopefully,  he will be able to return this fall but there is simply no way to know that right now. This is a pretty big change for everyone,  especially Gavin and Emmett.  Emmett’s not used to having anyone else home during the day and Gavin‘s not used to being home.

Thankfully,  there isn’t much school left and the school is working with us, so that’s awesome.

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       -Lost and Tired

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