Dysautonomia, Epilepsy and Today’s Followup: 05/16/2012

Dysautonomia, Epilepsy and Today’s Followup: 05/16/2012

So we made it home today from Gavin’s appointment.  It actually went really well. Nothing has changed but I think that we’re even more sure that he is definitely dealing with with some form of Dysautonomia.

We had to take Emmett with us as well. He did really well while we were there because he just loves Dr.  Brown.

However,  all the way up and all the way back,  he screamed at the top of his lungs.  It was so piercing that I had to put my window down to keep my ears from popping. Then of course,  he had to go potty 2 or 3 times. It’s safe to say that Emmett is struggling a bit right now.

Gavin did start to get sick after he got out of the van when arrived home. This actually makes me wonder if he is having problems with the car ride itself.

One sure fire way to know that Gavin is really not feeling good is when he refuses to eat.  Gavin has always been obsessed with food and eating.  When he says no to lunch,  I know something is wrong. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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Oh car sickness…it is a possibility. My 12 yo with OCD and sensory dysfuntion has such a problem with it – once we got him beyond the phobic stage of it, he take half of Dramamine, uses those wrist pressure bands, chews on ginger gum and wears ear plugs (all sensory points), and listens to his Mp3 while wearing dark dark sunglasses. Yeh. He couldn't drive beyond 25 mins without feeling totally ill – now he does much better with up to 45-50 mins, he survives without flipping out. Maybe a Dramamine (1/2 chewable tab) an HOUR before driving, if it's allowed for him with his other meds. I found my son has to have it in his system well absorbed at least 45-60 mins prior to a trip that is going to be beyond a 20 min drive. Also, just a thought: if they have a sinus or ear infection going on, it can cause similar nausea while driving also.
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