#Autism Discussion of The Day: Stress -

#Autism Discussion of The Day: Stress

It’s no secret that special needs parenting can be extremely rewarding.  However,  while it can be rewarding,  it’s not without stress.

This type of stress can become so completely overwhelming that it can and will affect your health,  especially if left unchecked.

For today’s #Autism Discussion,  I thought we could all share some ways to relieve stress. What kind of thing do you do to reduce your stress level?

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       -Lost and Tired

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This may seem counter-intuitive, but I read a few pages of a parenting book — as long as the book is relaxed and accepting and pragmatically-oriented. It both reminds me that struggles are a natural part of raising kids, and also that by reading I am learning something that will lessen stress in the future — I guess I feel as if I am doing something productive.

It's weird, but it seems to work.

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