Autonomic Crisis 05/22/2012: Update 6:30am -

Autonomic Crisis 05/22/2012: Update 6:30am

Gavin arrived home after a brief 7 hour stay in the ER. The CT scan came back clean,  as did his blood work.

He received fluids but there isn’t much else they can do. 

Gavin did stabilize and so he was released last night. He came home and went straight to bed.  Lizze and I stayed up for a little while as discussed the hospital trip.

Gavin’s neurologist made an appearance and talked to the ER doctors.  Lizze asked if we should have kept him home or if we overreacted.  They said that we made the right call and that he needed to be seen.  The problem is just that there is very little that they can do for him.

The problem resides in his brain and there is no magic pill for that.

So while he needs to be seen during a crisis,  the treatment is supportive in nature.  Hopefully,  Gavin is going to be feeling better this morning and we can put last night behind us and survive the rest of the week. 

I want to thank everyone for all the love and support.  It really does help and obviously works.  🙂 I am in your debt.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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