Today’s Victory: Sensory Success :-)

Today was a monumental day for one Emmett John.  He is the Today’s Victory award winner.

As with many kids on the #Autism spectrum,  Emmett has many sensory needs. 

Shoes and socks have always been a challenge for him. I know many of you know what kind of challenge this is.  Every time they put shoes and/or socks on they never feel right or even hurt.  In Emmett’s case,  it’s the way his socks contact is toes.  There is no rhyme or reason that we can decern. 

When it comes to his shoes,  he is extremely sensitive.  He feels absolutely everything in his shoes. It could be a string, a tiny little spec of whatever or something we can never actually find.

Getting dressed is almost always,  a very time consuming and frustrating process,  for everyone.  It’s especially frustrating for Emmett because he wants so badly to get dressed.

I feel like we have turned a corner on this sensory journey.

Today,  for the very first time,  Emmett decided to fix is own shoes.  He sat down on the steps and took his shoes off and adjusted his socks and rooted around for whatever he felt inside his shoes. 

This is really big and I know many of you understand that.

Hopefully,  this is a step forward and a trend that continues down the long and winding road known as independence.  🙂
Emmett,  Daddy is soooooo proud of you.  🙂


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Yay! it is monumental for sure!!!
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