#Autism: Screaming

#Autism: Screaming

Emmett John has woken up from his nap and is in a really bad mood.  Elliott is not allowed to talk,  if he does Emmett just screams.  We have told Emmett at Elliott is allowed to talk but it’s not making a difference.

Thankfully,  Elliott isn’t in a very talkative mood or things would be worse.

Gavin is still sleeping so I’m going to have to wake him up soon. He would sleep all day if we didn’t intervene and I mean that literally.

The screaming has got to stop because it’s very slowly eroding away what’s left of my sanity. I can’t imagine how Lizze feels with her migraine.  🙁

As long as everyone is quite,  Emmett is calm.  So, my goal is keep the house as calm and quite as humanly possible. However,  with 3 boys on the #Autism spectrum,  it’s not likely to happen.  However,  I’m not a quiter so I’ll try to accomplish that regardless of the odds. 🙂

At this point,  anything that will stop the screaming is on my list of things to do.

Do any your kids not like other people talking or singing?  I would assume it was a control or sensory thing.  Having said that,  what kills me is that Emmett can talk,  laugh,  sing or scream and it’s okay. It’s just that no one else is allowed to. 


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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My daughter does this exact same thing. Its almost always after waking up from her nap in a bad mood. I don't know why, but once a week she either wakes up upset and crying or I have to wake her up and that makes her upset. She then proceeds to scream if anyone tries to talk. Its okay if I talk to her quietly, but it anyone tries to talk to one another or if anyone else tries to talk to her, its loud, ear-piercing screams. I usually give her some almond milk to help calm her and then I read her some books (which is always something that has soothed her). Sometimes this helps her right away and other times it can take around an hour or so for her to mellow out. Good luck and keep us posted if you learn any new tricks to dealing with this!
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Let me preface this by saying you know I support you and your family, as I have left positive feedback before. Have you considered that maybe he’s just being a pain in the ass 3 year old? Hear me out, please, I’m not trying to br insensitive. I have Lupus. Systemic, or SLE, as it’s commonly referred to. I recently had renal failure (I just knew I was really really tired….my husband will attest that if I am willing to go to ER I must be really sick & scared!) Nephrologist came in and said he didn’t know why. ‘Everyone told me because of SLE’, I said. He explained that while yes, Lupus sucks; every episode of vomiting, Pancreatitis, etc. wasn’t necessarily due to my chronic condition. Story to illustrate maybe everything isn’t the Autism. I assume his brothers speak in tones similar to his own, I’ve watched your youtube videos. Again, I’m not criticizing – but if he sees how the household screeches to a halt when Gavin freaks out; perhaps he’ll give it a go as well. Best of luck!

Kathy Kohl Buehler

My son on the spectrum advises you to try big, squishy headphones, that he can either have hooked up to some quiet music if he likes, or just wear them to block noise. Worked fine til a siren or tornado drill came along…


My 3 year old can't deal with the quieter sounds, like the sound of the engine on the school bus (an hour and 15 minute ride), the freezer section at the grocery store… the everyday sounds that I barely noticed before… that kind of thing sets him off and he screams and sings (in his loudest most high pitched voice). Certain sounds (maybe a pitch thing?) are one of the many things that make him yell. Just this week his yelling set the boy next to him into a melt down and he got hit, kicked and scratched during the process… and I get the most dirty looks from the bus driver sometimes!

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