#Autism: Let your kids know you’re proud

Something I always make sure I do,  at least once a day,  is tell each of my boys how proud I am of them.

When it comes to the days that we struggle,  I really try to focus on this. I want them to know that no matter their choices,  I’m always proud of them.

This is especially important for Gavin because he is always in trouble and in need of correction or guidance. I never want him to think that I’m not proud of him.

No matter how bad of a day it was,  or how destructive the meltdowns were,  I look for something to be proud of.  Maybe the meltdown was significantly shorter than  yesterday’s.  Perhaps he didn’t hurt himself during this one. There’s always something that can be said. 

Trust me,  sometimes I really have to look hard. On those days that I struggle to find something,  I tell him how proud of I am of him for being the best Gavin he can be – or Elliott or Emmett-.

This is so important because it’s really easy to get caught up in all the negative,  especially with lives like ours. I don’t want to drown in misery so I try to find something positive each and every day.

I would recommend doing this to any and all special needs parents,  and parents in general. You never truly know how your words can both hurt and heal. It does help to keep things into perspective and keep everyone moving forward. Also,  it’s never a bad thing when you can make your child feel good about themselves,  especially when they are struggling.

Just food for thought.   🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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