More bad news…

More bad news…

Lizze went to get an ultrasound on Tues to see what is causing the pain and cramping she has been experiencing. We learned she needs to have a partial hysterectomy. For some unknown reason after Emmett was born her uterus was damaged and became heart shaped. She experiences a lot of pain as a result. Dr. D doesn’t know how this happened. Even if she hadn’t already had a tubal she wouldn’t be earlier this year she would be unable to have anymore children.  We were not expecting this at all and really are still kind of in shock. We knew she had some cysts (which are pretty common) and thought that was the cause of the pain but it isn’t. This is a major (but very common) surgery so there is a lot to think about. She will be in the hospital for about a day and a half. Then about a week of recovery is what is typically needed. However in her case with our kids it is expected to be about double.

Please keep her in your prayers as this is a difficult time for her…

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Man oh man…….all i know to say and yes we will keep her in our prayers…..

Stuart Duncan

Terrible but good news, sort of. I mean, in theory, after recovery and everything, she should feel better, right?

At least I hope so.

Lost and Tired

Thanks guys. It is kind of a good news bad news kinda thing

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