The rule of three’s

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I think we are all aware of the rules of three’s.  You know the one that says,  everything happens in three’s. While I’m not a superstitious guy,  I have seen this rule play out,  time and time again.

In my personal experience,  I usually see this happen when someone on the Lost and Tired family gets sick. 

Typically,  it’s never just one of us that gets sick,  it’s three of us. For example,  Elliott has been sick with a head cold for about a week now.  About 2 days ago,  Emmett joined him in the head cold arena.

While both boys are still dealing with the runny nose and sneezing,  Lizze is the latest to end up, under the weather.

That makes three.

Ironically,  Gavin,  the only person in the house without an immune system,  is as healthy as can be expected.  No head cold or runny nose for him.  I joke about that but it’s honestly a blessing.  We never want Gavin to be sick because he could go down hill quickly. Besides,  the poor kid already has enough on his plate and deserves the break.

Elliott should be fine for school in the morning.  Lizze and Emmett will hopefully feel better soon.  I hope whoever is watching over Gavin keeps up the good work…

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       -Lost and Tired

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