Addressing #Autism’s misconceptions with creativity

Addressing #Autism’s misconceptions with creativity

There is so much misconception in the world about #Autism.  There is an assumption that kids in the spectrum are somehow less intelligent than their typical peers. 

This however,  couldn’t be farther from the truth. Kids on the #Autism spectrum are among the smartest there are.

What I think happens is that people make assumptions based on a child’s behavior or ability to talk. That is a horrible mistake. While it’s true that kids with #Autism can be challenging, present with major behavioral problems or maybe not be able to speak,  that it not a reflection of who they are on the inside.

My kids,  while extremely challenging,  are both super smart and very creative.

Today I want to share Emmett’s latest creation. 

I can’t remember what these blocks are called but they are a ton of fun for the boys.  Today,  Emmett was putting together silly creatures.  This was my personal favorite.

He didn’t name it but who cares.  It’s still pretty darn creative.



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I’m not sure if it’s the same in the states but I’m pretty sure they’re called stickle bricks or something like that down here..


That might be right. Isn\’t it weird how everything has different names, depending on where you live.

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