Perspective is an amazing thing

Perspective is an amazing thing

Perspective is an amazing thing and that’s not the first or last time I will say that.  Perspective to me,  is how I view the world and people in my life. Depending on my perspective,  I may see things as good,  bad or somewhere in between.

In light of our most recent health scare with Gavin,  my perspective has shifted ever so slightly but more than enough to change my outlook.

Perspective can be likened to a prism.  Light passes through a prism differently depending on the angle.  Like a prism,  the slightest change in perspective can dramatically change how you view things.

At this point for me,  my perspective has changed as a result of clarification of Gavin‘s current immunological status.  For a period of 36 hours we thought the worst was finally coming to pass.  While Web still don’t know about the outcome of Gavin‘s health going forward,  it feels like we dodged a bullet this week.

I think it’s fair to say that,  at least for me,  I never truly appreciate what I have until it’s in danger of being taken from me. 

I think that’s part of human nature to take things for granted.  It’s certainly not something I set out to do but it happens.

As Gavin‘s health continues to decline over time,  it feels more and more like we are losing him.  When something major comes up like what happened this week,  it sends us into complete panic. I start to remember just how much Gavin means to me and how much I love him. 

It’s not like I ever stopped loving him,  it’s just that his behaviors can be extremely difficult to live with. At times the behavioral problems sorta push all those feelings of love and devotion out of the way,  in order to make room for frustration and resentment.  All it takes is a reality check to remind me just how fragile Gavin‘s existence really is and how much he would be missed if something ever happened to him.

Gavin is a great kid,  but a great kid with serious behavioral problems. . For right now,  words can’t express just how grateful I am for the news coming from the doctor to be positive,  at least by comparison.

That’s all other took to shift my perspective just enough to have a renewed sense of focus and drive as we push forward into the unknown.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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