#Autism Spotlight: Miche Mozaix puzzle piece jewelry

#Autism Spotlight: Miche Mozaix puzzle piece jewelry

I would like to introduce you to Miche Mozaix. This is a company that makes handmade jewelry ,home decor and art from Mosaic Tile. They are a local business, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. They make some pretty incredible stuff. They also make some amazing #Autism Awareness pieces as well. See some examples in the picture below.

What’s even cooler about this company and something that you don’t see very often, is that 100% of all puzzle piece jewelry sales benefit #Autism causes. One of those causes is Lost and Tired. Basically, anytime puzzle piece jewelry is purchased and the buyer adds “lost and tired” to the notes to seller, 20% of that sale goes to help the Lost and Tired family and Lost and Tired blog, including the Autism Help Forums. 

Now I want to share with you the absolute coolest part of this company, at least for me. I would like to introduce you to the Clay Sculpting Aficionado behind Miche Mozaix. 

[scribd id=83944229 key=key-14gytievehkdh56sknkx mode=list]

If you are looking for any type of handmade jewelry, home decor and art, created from Mosaic Tile, look no further. If you are looking for something to help spread #Autism Awareness, their puzzle piece jewelry is absolutely perfect. Not only will people stop and ask you about what your wearing, but you are also helping to support #Autism causes at the same time.

Miche Mozaix contact information:



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Wow, pretty amazing stuff, thanks for sharing!


@shawneerenee31 quite welcome

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