Taking Emmett to the grocery store is always educational

Emmett’s not been feeling well lately.  He’s been hitting these fever cycles again, for the first time this year. 

Because of the mouth sores, he’s been eating lots of Popsicles and a bit of ice cream.  All these things help to numb his mouth and provide him with relief from the pain.

He was having a really, really bad day and so I decided to take him with me to the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. 

I’m so proud of him because he didn’t really develop the gimmes while we were there. 

He also helped me to pick out fresh fruit and he even scanned the items in the self checkout aisle, all  you himself.  He did awesome and I’m super proud of him.


I love to seize these opportunities with him because I can use the opportunity to help him to learn and practice invaluable life skills. 

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