Forum Friday: #Autism and sexuality

Forum Friday: #Autism and sexuality

I have neglected the forums with everything I have going on in my personal life.  However,  I mean to change this.

We have 200+ members and I want to really focus on building this forum because I believe we can make a difference in each others lives. I think that it’s important to have a place to go and talk with others in a similar situation. I like the idea that it’s private and bully free.

Starting tomorrow,  Friday,  June 1st, I will be hosting Forum Friday.  Every Friday,  we will have special topic that either I come up with or you suggest.

All day long we will be exchanging our thoughts, opinions,  feelings and experiences on the special topic of the day.

The topic for today will be,  #Autism and sexuality. The goal being to discuss concerns,  tips or tricks, experiences and anything else that could help is guide our precious children though this difficult stage in life. Things like puberty,  boundaries and anything else you can think of or that you would like to discuss within this particular topic.

I really hope to see you all there.  Remember,  you can access the forums from this site by clicking here. You can also sign up and access the forums from the Autism Help app,  located in the Google Play Store.  Simply search for. Autism Help.  It’s free and provides you with mobile access to the Autism Help Forums,  24/7 and from your favorite android tablet or smartphone.

Please help spread the word so we can make this a success and help as many people as possible.

The discussion will begin at 9am EST.

I will provide all links in the morning as well.  I really hope this grows into something that can reach out and provide much needed dialog on relevant topics. 

Thank you.  I hope to see you in the morning.

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