Walking away from the pain

Walking away from the pain

As any of my long time readers will remember,  I suffered a major back injury in 2001. I have been in constant pain for most of the last decade. Nothing would relieve the pain,  not even pain killers.

I need to have surgery but never had it. I felt there was to much risk involved and I had to many responsibilities.

Anyway,  about 2 years ago,  I started walking. Short distances at first but eventually making it to about 25-30 miles a week. Before I realized it,  my back pain was gone and mean completely gone. I still had the physical injury,  but the symptoms had finally subsided.

Recently,  the pain has returned because I haven’t been able to get away and walk.  I was walking at home until our treadmill broke and needed to be replaced. 

The pain is so bad that I can barely get myself dressed.  Once I’m standing up,  I’m okay.  It’s when I sit down that it’s unbearable. However,  I have been making the time to walk the past couple of days,  with Lizze’s help. I’ve walked about 6 miles in the past week. 

I’m already starting to feel a little better.  My range of motion is improving and the pain is slowly starting to go away.

I just need to put myself first for about an hour a day and keep walking. By doing so,  I can be in better shape,  experience less pain and get healthier. I’m determined to keep up the pace.  I’m determined to walk away from my pain. 🙂

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Onyx Panthyr

I had a lot of issues come up about 7-8 months ago and I just had stopped going to the gym and exercising. Since then, I've gained 20 pounds back and just have all these aches and pains that have returned. Now that the weather is nice again, I'm going to make the time to get myself back in shape. It's so important to keep our bodies moving and functioning. Congratz on finding the time to recharge yourself. Keep it up and hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps soon!

Katrina Moody

Rob – you know my Fibro has been an ongoing nightmare and I know from experience that the more active I can get the better I feel overall. *very gentle hugs* I hope you are able to get away, I"m going to use you as inspiration to challenge myself as well! I'm starting up the Healthy Living Challenge over at the Cafe here shortly – I'd be honored to be able to share some of your posts about that over there … We've switched over to whole foods and are trying to cut out all processed foods. We can all do this, Rob! Keep us updated about how you are doing with your 'staying active' challenge so we can keep cheering you on!

A.K. Flynn

I can empathize with you as I have every day struggles such as yours but you are doing a fantastic job and you are a very selfless individual and it shows with every single post you place for the world to see. You really put into perspective of what it means to be strong and giving yourself time such as going for a walk to be healthier is going to help with much more than physical health. In other news I really like the new layout of the site Rob!

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