Lost and Tired plans for 2013 -

Lost and Tired plans for 2013

The approach that I have taken with Lost and Tired is why I think it’s so successful.  I don’t believe in telling people how to do things. I think that everyone‘s situation is different. There may be similarities but also differences.

I’m a huge proponent of simply sharing ones experience and allowing others to take from it what they may.

The way I see it is, I’m Lost and Tired, who am I to tell you that to do. 

Having said that, I also believe in leading by example. I like to share with you all what has worked for my family and what hasn’t.  What this does is present information that you can use to put something together that works for you family or situation.

By bringing everyone together and creating an ongoing dialog, we are all able to learn from each other.

I’m my opinion, experience in the best teacher.  Sometimes it’s comforting to hear from someone who’s actually lived through what you are struggling with.

It helps to know that you’re not alone and that someone has already been down this path before and can offer advice or guidance if needed.

This of course, should never replace competent medical advice but it’s sometimes good for peace of mind. 

I’m really proud of how well this site is doing and how many people are sharing there knowledge and experience. I’ve personally made so many friends and to be quite honest, I feel like a big family.

I hope you all feel the same way. 

As we carry into the holiday season and cross the threshold into the new year I hope to continue to grow, learn and share, in new and exciting ways.

You have all taught me so much.  I only hope I have been able to do the same.  🙂

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Your point is spot on.  We all have struggles with our kids and then there are life circumstances, health issues, money problem etc… I surely woudn’t want your challenges, then I could imagine you wouldn’t want mine.  It’s comforting to know others struggle just like you, though in different ways.  As sick as that may sound, we’re all no better than one another, just “surviving” life in different ways.  I say “surviving” because, when you have a child who you know will live with you through out life, it’s difficult to see that light at the end of the tunnel.  This delima adds stress and the thought of not knowing what will, or could happen when were gone.  It’s the not being able to see that child grow up into a that person you ONCE dreamed about becoming.  Ya, it’s all relative, we dwell on it for awhile then that autisctic kid will do something that draws your attention to them.  Thoughts about the what ifs turn into taking care of the NOW.  Our kids have a way of pulling us out of our stupper at time, I guess God doesn’t want us worring about the future that much.  So, I guess if you belive in faith, know that there is a plan to why we’re dealing with what were going through.  Stay faithful, your reward may just be around that darn corner, hopefully it’s not a dead end….if so, you can handle cuz you have before!  Keep on living, living happy watching the little advancements your kids achieve.  Life will get better, just know it will.  thanks for you honesty, sharing is rewarding for both the writer and reader.

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