#Autism: Eating Fruits and Veggies

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My kids are very picky eaters,  with the exception of Gavin.  Gavin used to be horribly picky but has really made progress over the years and is by far the easiest to feed. I have to give mad props to Gavin for that.  🙂

Elliott and Emmett are a different story all together. They are extremely picky and getting them to eat fruits or veggies is quite often impossible. I have been doing something lately that has really helped. 

I mentioned before about banana ice cream but I wanted to update you all as to how this is going.

Basically,  I freeze bananas and strawberries,  blueberries etc. Then I take them and stick them into the blender and let’er rip.

Frozen bananas taste like ice cream and when you add additional fruit it not only adds flavor but also color.  This is important because my kids are sensitive to things like color.  This gives them some control over the outcome and they love it.

They think they are eating ice cream when they are simply eating frozen fruit.  You can even mix in some veggies and they likely won’t notice them.

The good thing about this issue that it’s 100% healthy and 100% whole food.  This is a great way to not only provide your kids with the means to eat healthier but also teaches them to make healthier choices on their own. 

I just wanted to share this with you all again because this is still working great for us.


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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great idea! mine eats fruit but no veggies. Only way we get veggies in her is with v-fusion juice. I will have to try your "ice cream"


What an excellent idea. I'm one of the lucky Mums, My little Man prefers fruit and veg to candy.


When makin the icecream- did you have the boys help??? What did u add water or milk? How often do they have it? My older autistician has the fruit & veggie problem but my other child who is non verbal “loves” them… along with my 9 yr old.. so Landon who is 6 gets frusterated easier also he need low sugar food due to his dental concerns.. so many questions please help


Well, I didn't add anything bu the fruit. It takes a little bit to blend but it turns into a paste with the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Sometimes the kids help but once they realized how much they like it, they just wanted to eat it. This lets me sneak other things into the blender, like oatmeal, veggies etc.

We usually have this for desert after dinner and sometimes they have it for breakfast or just a snack.


You can also sneak lots of healthy vegies is spaghetti sauce. As long as it is completely blended in… Mashed potatoes too, if they think green is fun, you can blend in peas or carrots. I've heard of apple sauce too but that is just a bit odd.