Thanks for scaring my kids -

Thanks for scaring my kids

I would like to thank the jacka$$ that was setting off what sounded like at least M80’s tonight.  It was coming from the end of the street and happened at least 3 times.

The windows in our house we’re rattling and it was after 9pm.

We called the cops and they had been flooded with complaints from people as far as several blocks away. It literally felt like a bomb went off.  The boys were freaked out.

Elliott ended up coming downstairs hiding under a blanket with me on the couch. Thank you for not only breaking the law but also for terrorizing my kids.  I hope the cops find whoever you are and put a stop to this crappy.

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we had a similar experience last week at our house — a bit southwest of you, actually, in the state….so strange. It was like bombs going off — two or three of them.


My oldest was terrified of even the smallest fireworks when she was younger. I absolutely hated when 4th of July came around. There is always some jerk face who takes it too far. I hope they catch them. But, more importantly I hope your boys are ok now.


Thanks. 🙂

Everyone is peacefully sleeping now.

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