How do you explain tattling to a child on the #Autism spectrum?

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Everyone since this whole thing with Gavin and boundary issues started a few months ago,  Elliott has become an extreme tattletale

We had a talk with Elliott many months ago about not keeping secrets from us.  Gavin had once again begun having issues with respecting personal space and inappropriate touching. Elliott was a target for those issues.

When we found out,  we met with Dr.  Pattie and had a long talk with Elliott about not keeping secrets and no one being allowed to touch him etc.

Since then,  Elliott has become very good at not keeping secrets. In fact,  he has taken to almost constantly reporting everything that happens. 

He has become a tattletale.

What started out as simply wanting him to tell us if Gavin did something that made him uncomfortable has turned into a constant stream of tattling. It’s actually become a problem and it’s one of our own creation.

Do you folks have to deal with any tattletales in your house?  How do you explain the difference between good tattling and bad tattling to a child on the #Autism spectrum?

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       -Lost and Tired

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Chloe R.

Rob, have you seen those charts, that show the difference between tattling and reporting?
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First Lee

Some of it might be age. Not that this doesn't need to be worked on, or that it isn't excarberated (sp?) by his asperger syndrome, but you aren't going see this go away for a few years, probably


Um, my girl on the spectrum is now 24, and feels the need to report every single thing that crosses her mind! She has no concept of what is important, and what can surely be let go. Tiring, very tiring! If I don't answer, she repeats until I do, could be 60 times I think. My best wishes for you, and when you get an answer, I NEED it!


I just had an idea. What if you told her to report it to a tape recorder or digital recorder and to "file" it with you, once a week. 🙂


Love it! Might just try that!