#Autism, Fever Disorders and Feeding Problems

#Autism, Fever Disorders and Feeding Problems

One of the challenges parents of #Autistic children face is feeding. It sounds like it would be easy, right?  Not necessarily.

The problem is way more complex than just being a picky eater.

In fact,  there are many reasons that feeding could be a problem. Sometimes it’s sensory related other times the problem may be poor muscle tone.

Contrary to popular belief,  these kids will not always eat when they are hungry enough. Many parents have told me that their child will literally stave.  Some parents have to take drastically action to make sure their child is properly nourished.

My heart goes out to anyone dealing with these types of problems. 

Thankfully,  our challenges with feeding aren’t as extreme.  However,  that shouldn’t be confused with easy.  Our problem eater is Emmett.  There are many reasons that contribute to his dietary struggles. Most of the problems revolve around sensory issues. This means that Emmett can’t handle the texture,  taste,  smell and even color of his food. 

The other factor has to do with his fever disorder. When his fever flares hit,  he breaks out in very painful mouth sores.  These sores typically last about 10 days. Unfortunately,  when these flares ups occur, getting Emmett to eat anything is next to impossible. Presently,  we are dealing with this exact situation. We can’t get Emmett to eat anything.

Typically he’s a challenge to feed but when these flares happen,  it’s even more difficult. 

We have to employ as many options as possible because one of our biggest concerns is dehydration. To counter that,  we’ll always keep Gatorade mix in hand so that when he does drink something it’s going to help.

We also keep coconut milk ice cream on hand as well.  This helps with the pain in his mouth and it’s much healthier than regular ice cream. I don’t like the idea of him living off of ice cream but honestly,  I don’t have much of a choice and I’m sure some of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is just another example of things that are commonly taken for granted.  Most people never have to experience anything more than a picky eater,  when it comes to feeding.  Not all families are so lucky.

Just some food for thought… 🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Funny, I was just gearing up to write another post on feeding disorders. Sigh. We're in a very similar situation. Currently it is taking every single ounce of energy just to get something in. I don't need my son to be "cured" or "fixed" or any different than he is, but if I could change one thing for him it would be this.


I'm sure you're going to get a flood of responses to this one. My family took care of my grandfather while he was dying and he has similar food issues. Lots of allergies and lots of pain associated with eating. Two things that we used most often were Carnation Instant Breakfast packets and Chinese Congee (rice Soup). We would make the carnation mix with non-daily milk and sometimes freeze it to the consistency of ice cream- it was actually pretty tasty! The Congee recipes are very easy, it's basically a clear broth you add rice to and boil until very soft. We used to add pieces of very soft chicken or fish to it to add a bit of protein. It's very easy to make it large batches and is very frugal-friendly since you can put in anything you want, or don't want. It's easy on those who have texture and color issues. http://www.chow.com/recipes/29184-ginger-chicken-

Anyway, hope you can get the little guy to eat something! 🙁


Thanks for sharing that. You actually reminded me of the other thing I forgot to add to the list. That would be food allergies, of which Emmett has 3, milk, egg and lactose.

I couldn\’t remember that and it was driving me crazy. Thanks:-)

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