Outnumbered but not outweighed

Outnumbered but not outweighed

These moments see to stick in my mind more than the unpleasant ones.  I feel it’s safe to say that we have more than our fair share of unpleasant ones.

When your raising 3 little ones with #Autism and various other special needs,  there tends to be some trying and difficult times. More often than not,  at least for the Lost and Tired family,  the difficult times seem to outnumber the more pleasant experiences.

While the difficult times may outnumber the more pleasant times,  they don’t outweigh them.

This is a perfect example of what I mean.  While Emmett may have struggled most of the weekend, this is the moment that will stay with me going forward.

Emmett is peacefully sleeping.  He’s not in pain or screaming and yelling.  He’s just at peace and that to me is why I do what I do.  🙂


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       -Lost and Tired

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I was touched with what you have said here on your post. I know it is not easy to raise kids who have special needs but they are th ones who really makes you happy. Nice to hear this simple but very meaningful post of yours.
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Thanks a lot for the compliment. I really think that while the challenging times may outnumber the easy ones, they will never outweigh them, at least as far as I\’m concerned. 🙂


I know those challenges are the things that makes you stronger. Glad to hear that from you and you always have a positive spirit. and belief towards the things that are happening.
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