(Discussion) How do you know when, if ever to mainstream your child with #Autism?

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Lizze and I have been debating this for the last few school years but either can’t agree or just don’t know what to do. This debate or discussion is in regards to whether or not Elliott and Emmett’s current school is going to prepare them for higher education adequately.

Elliott and Emmett are both in grade school and have been at their current school since kindergarten or first grade. This school is specially designed for kids with Autism and are surrounded by a blend of neurotypical, spectrum and ADHD kids.

The curriculum is built from the ground up to be supportive and meet at least most of the needs that a child with Autism would have in the school environment.

Lizze and I both agree that we have concerns about whether or not the boys will be prepared for higher education by their current educational environment.

Both boys are excelling in their education and Emmett’s case; he’s significantly ahead of the rest of his class. Both are straight A students and are loved by their teachers.

Lizze and I have been discussing whether or not we should look at mainstreaming one of both of them before they hit high school. There are pros and cons to making a decision like this and I’m looking to create a discussion about how to decide when it’s appropriate to mainstream your child with Autism or other special needs.

Here’s the question: At what point, if ever, do you consider mainstreaming your child with Autism? What indicates that a child with Autism can be mainstreamed? What has your experience been in this area? If you’re an Adult Autistic, can you please share any insights or guidance into the idea of mainstreaming?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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