#Autism and The Spider Monkey

#Autism and The Spider Monkey

I was wondering if any of you are dealing with clingy kids.  I’m asking because Elliott is super clingy right now.  He’s constantly wanting to snuggle or hang on me.

Don’t get me wrong,  I love snuggling with my kids but holy crap,  sometimes I feel like I need to get and Elliott-ectomy.

I know that he has an insane level of anxiety but his need for constantly reassurance is exhausting and honestly,  it makes me sad. I’m sad because he feels so insecure in his life that he needs to constantly seek me out and physically latch onto me. Sometimes it’s only for a minute and he feels better.

I really wish he wasn’t so anxious because it really does affect his quality of life.

I find it interesting just how different kids on the spectrum can be.  Some kids can’t stand making physical contact and some have this incessant need to attach themselves to a trusted caregiver.

So, do you have any clingers?  Right now it’s like I have a little spider monkey in my house.  🙂  How have you handled this with your child?


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I guess it is always be careful what you wish for. I have completely the opposite right now from both the autistic and the neurotypical daughter. My wife is begging her kids to snuggle and they will have nothing to do with it. Hang in there. Hopefully you will not have to resort to surgery!


My son had high anxiety and used to cling to me for dear life on a regular basis. It lasted nearly two years! Finally, I took him to a child psychologist and he agreed to start trying anti-anxiety meds. We tried a bunch of different ones before we found one that works (Tenex). Since then, while he likes to hug a lot, it's definitely not as bad as it used to be. I can now leave the room without him constantly following me and having a minor panic attack!
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