When life gets in the way

After talking yesterday,  Lizze and I decided to reschedule Gavin‘s EEG.  It was supposed to be this Friday and last for 5 days.  However,  life has thrown us a curve ball and there is simply no way to pull this off right now.

It’s only being pushed back about 2 weeks,  so it’s not a huge deal but the fact that we have to make a decision like this really bothers me.

There are a number of reasons for rescheduling.  For starters,  Lizze would be the one going with him and she’s not physically in a place to take that on right now. Then we have the cost itself.  Lizze would have to buy 3 meals a day for 5 days and that would add up quickly. We are still trying to recover from last week’s theft of my credit card number and that could be going better.

Other considerations are that I’ll likely need help with the boys and no one would really be in a position to help this weekend.

As a special needs family,  I find that we are much more sensitive to the hitches that life tends to hurl in our direction.  While I know this is the right decision,  it still feels like things are coming between Gavin and the care that he needs.

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       -Lost and Tired

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Makes me sick to know that you have to delay….but don't blame you a bit.  I can imagine how worried you must be, must be very stressful to wonder what's going on.  One thought, have you guys had to stay in this hospital with him in the past? (I am a pretty new reader so don't know all of his history).  Some children's hospitals, if they are requiring mom or dad to stay, will order 2 trays from the cafeteria- not awesome, but helpful nonetheless.  Just a thought for when you guys do go in.


 @jjean3940 Thanks. They aren't allowed to do that. They do provide a fridge to store things in for her though. 🙂


 @lostandtired well that's mighty kind of them….:-(


 @jjean3940 Meals are about $7-$10 each. Multiply 3 meals a day by 5 days and it's a bit expensive at least until we when the lottery. 🙂 Although, I think I have to actually play in order to have a chance to win 🙂