The impact of bad news

The impact of bad news

Lizze has had a really rough day.  Her pain has been unbearable,  both physically and emotionally. She has pushed through it for the sake of the kids but at great personal expense.

I doubt that tomorrow will be any better.

One of the ways that I know just how bad things are for her is the collection of animals around her.

When she is in as much pain as she is,  the animals seem to know and refuse to leave her side. It really is an amazing thing and it happened again tonight.

Lizze fell asleep on the couch tonight and is buried under a blanket of animals. They act as a pseudo weighted blanket and provide her with comfort,  while often times annoying her at the same time. They don’t take no for an answer but they mean well. 

I hate to even wake her because she’s sleeping so peacefully. However, I think that while she may be comfortable now, she will wake up in even more pain if I don’t help her get upstairs and in bed.


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       -Lost and Tired

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