The living, breathing weighted blanket -

The living, breathing weighted blanket

Sometimes,  well actually,  most of the time,  I find myself having to improvise in order to survive.  Without the ability to think outside of the box,  I shudder to think about where we would be right now.

While I never understand at the time,  there seems to be a rhyme and reason for many of the things that occur in our lives,  all the way down to the decisions I make.

Truthfully,  much of the time I’m shooting from the hip.  People seem to think that I always know what I’m doing and honestly,  much of the time I don’t. Sometimes all I can do is throw whatever I have left at the wall and hope something good will stick.

When we brought Bella into the family,  there were those that questioned the sanity of that decision. In all honesty,  there have been times that I felt the same way.

Having said that,  Bella has been a godsend to Emmett. Today I realized that not only does she help Emmett but also Gavin as well.

One of the little personality quirks that makes up who Bella is, is the fact that she fancies herself a lap dog. As she gets bigger and bigger,  she’s also getting heavier and heavier. While it’s not pleasant or comfortable for all of us,  there is at least one person benefiting from this living,  breathing weighted blanket. 🙂



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Such a beautiful Boxer! I was raised with Boxers as a child and I can tell you that they are some of the smartest dogs and they have such a sense of humor. This doggy is going to do so much for your boys to help them grow and learn how to cope with ALL of their issues.

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