#Autism: Hands on learning. -

#Autism: Hands on learning.

I was going to start this out with a joke. Something like,  what’s the best way to turn a 30 minute shopping trip into a 2 hour ordeal? The answer would have been,  take your autistic child with you.

While that’s true,  at least in my family,  it would have set the wrong tone.  Although,  I suppose it doesn’t matter because I said it anyway.  😛

Joking aside,  I have found that one of the very best ways to help you child with Autism learn and master new skills, nose through hands on training.  Anything can be a potential lesson.  I like to use the grocery store.

Things like pushing the cart,  managing the list,  making wise food choices and learning to work a budget can all be accomplished at the grocery store.

Today I did this with Elliott and yes it took quite a bit longer than if I went alone. However,  the time was well spent.  Not only did we spend time together but he also learned a lot about the process.  This is a really valuable life skill and the sooner he starts learning,  the more time he has to master it.


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