I miss my kiddos :-(

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As much as I need a break,  at least every once in awhile, getting one is bittersweet.  I know that sounds crazy but I miss my kids when they are gone.

Watching them drive off this evening was actually kinda sad for me. 

I always sleep better when they’re home. I don’t mean the quality of sleep necessarily,  but I’m just more at ease. I’m trying to go to sleep right now and all I want to do is walk into their rooms and tuck then in.

It really does make me sad,  and honestly I even feel crazy for saying that.  I mean,  I need the break, I get that,  but I’m just not used to being without them.  Sure,  someone might spend the night at our parents house but someone is always home. The house just feel so empty. 

They’ll be home in the morning and I’ll probably be wishing I had another break by lunchtime.  Ugh..

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       -Lost and Tired

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