Why you should be worried about Apple

For the record, I don’t hate the iPad or iPhone. I do however, have a very real problem with the company behind those great devices, Apple. Apple is engaging in unethical and deplorable business practices. Instead of actually competing fairly in the market, they are abusing the patent office. Yes, what they are doing is very widely considered to be an abuse.

They are patenting things that have existed in the open source community for years and then suing companies using that open source technology and many times succeeding in getting those “infringing” products banned so that Apple can regain or attempt to regain market share they have lost to more innovative companies and their products.

This in not good for anyone, especially Apple consumers

If Apple continues to employ these practices, this means they can charge whatever they want for a product and there is nothing you can do about it because there will be no competition.

It means that they can put out the same product, over and over again, without making any real advancements and consumers will blindly eat that up.

I think the iPad and the iPhone are great products and while they are not for me, many people like them and that’s perfectly okay. However, what Apple is doing is wrong and it’s bad for everyone. Therefore I’m reaffirming my support for Stand UP 2 Apple

The mission of Stand UP 2 Apple is to provide you, the consumer with information about Apple’s business practices. You can then decide if you want to support the cause and help spread the word that we will not support a company that does business in this manner.

And just so we are clear…there is nothing wrong with loving the product but disliking the companies business practices. Remember this isn’t about hating or bashing their products. It’s ONLY about the business practices.

As a special needs community that relies on this type of technology to help our children with #Autism learn and communicate, Apple is trying to remove your ability to choose a product that fits, not only your child but your budget. So many out there already can’t afford the over priced iPad now. Imagine how bad it will be if there is no reason for Apple to compete. They will charge whatever they want and if you want or need a tablet or phone, you will be forced to either pay whatever they ask or have nothing. 

It is extremely important that the special needs community understands this problem and let’s Apple know that this practice is unacceptable. Not all of us are able to pay whatever it takes to get our kids a piece of technology that will help them in life. 

Right now we can purchase tablets that run Android for considerably less than the cost of an iPad. This makes the technology accessible to more people.

If Apple continues, these options will disappear.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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