Please keep Lizze in your thoughts

Please keep Lizze in your thoughts

Please say a prayer for my wife Lizze or keep her in your thoughts. She in really bad shape right now. Her migraine is still in full effect,  6+ months and counting. 

For about the last 2 weeks or so,  she has been dealing with serious back problems.  It’s become so bad that she finds herself physically ill on many occasions,  simply from the pain.

Her doctor says she suffers from degenerative discount disease but he is going off an older MRI.  Clearly something is wrong and that’s why she is supposed to have a new MRI this week. Unfortunately, that has been put on hold and will need to be rescheduled because it conflicts with Gavin’s autonomic testing. 

You want to talk about a crappy situation to be in,  try having to choose between two family members that desperately need help and you have to choose one to get it.

Obviously,  we have chosen Gavin but it still feels horrible because Lizze will have to continue suffering in the mean time.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to be in two places at the same time,  that would solve my problem.  Anyone? 

Anyway,  back to Lizze,  no pun intended.

I’ve never seen her this bad and I’m really concerned.  She won’t let me take her to the hospital,  which may or may not be of benefit to her at this point. She’s been getting sick all day. 

It breaks my heart. I’m sooooo friggin stressed out right now. 🙁

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob, this just breaks my heart to read. I know how stressful it is for you already having to help raise 3 boys on the spectrum. I only have one on it and I feel close to collapse on many days. But to pile on Lizzy's health problems now is simply not fair – and I'm so very sorry for both of you. You shouldn't HAVE to make a choice – but it sounds like Lizzy's situation is potentially very serious. Is there anyway you can find respite care for your kids so you can help tend to Lizzy and make sure she receives the medical care it sounds like she needs? I'm sorry I don't have any magical answers or words that will do much to help here – just know my thoughts are with you and your family. And make sure you keep using the blog and social media as an outlet – I think it's incredibly useful and important to reach out and connect….it's too easy to feel isolated in this world. 
David (@davidkaufer)

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