Operation E-Card!

This post is borrowed from my amazing wife’s blog, www.dailymommysurvival.com. It was easier to just copy an paste. Hope you don’t mind honey 🙂


Alrighty ladies and gents, Gavin is slowly improving. His temp is down today (awesome!) and his heart rate is lower (yay!) so his blood pressure is going down as well. With all that said, we are still going to be here until Monday morning at 10am, at least. So, this is what I need y’all to do…

If you go to the Akron Children’s Hospital web site HERE you’ll be able to send him an e-card. If you could take five minutes to send him an e-card it would really brighten his day because a volunteer comes to our room, knocks on the door and announces that “Gavin has email!”, which is something that every kid loves to hear. Here’s the catch,

you have to, have to, have to get your e-cards finished and sent it by say…

tomorrow at 4pm!!!!!

So, come on Daily Mommy Survivalist, let’s show Gavin the love!

Head on over to Akron Children’s Hospital web site and create your e-cards!

Be sure to address your cards to GAVIN GORSKI or he won’t get them!!!!!

(PS I still have all the e-cards from the last Show Gavin the love campaign I asked you guys to run!)

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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