Homecoming 07/16/2012 (2pm)

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Gavin jas had his MRI and is ready for discharge. However, things have been delayed because, they had to use a special medication to sedate him because of what they believe are underlying mitochondrial issues.

It is taking Gavin forever to wake up.  Once he wakes up,  he can leave.

He has not been treating Lizze with much respect,  since he has been feeling better.  That’s pretty much the status quo though.  He can be very rude and disrespectful to Lizze.  He says things to her that if I hadn’t witnessed myself……,

I’m so grateful that he is feeling better but there is no excuse for his behavior,  whether it be at the hospital or at home.

Things are going to have to change around here,  starting with attitudes. 

I will be heading up shortly,  to help him get to the car and make sure we all make it home,  sage and sound. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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