I got a lot accomplished, if I do say so myself

I’ve been trying to get some things accomplished while Lizze and Gavin were at the hospital.

Today was particularly productive.  I spent time with my boys.  We saw the first 25 minutes of the new Ice Age movie. The boys,  napped this afternoon and I spent that few hours making my world famous potato soup.  It’s Lizze‘s favorite and I thought it would be a nice welcome home present for her.

I also was able to take the boys to the park and get them a little work out on the steps of the McKinley monument.

They cooled off afterwards by playing in the sprinkler with the dogs.

Heck,  I even got some dishes done as well.

I’m especially proud of the soup though.  It’s really good,  if I do say so myself self….and I do 😉 It’s full of minced veggies and chunky potatoes and ham.


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       -Lost and Tired

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  • Tami says:

    Im glad your son is feeling better. Thank you for your post. I’m inspired by all you do and blog about it. I have 1 son with autism and I’m exhausted everyday. You are a blessing. Keep posting.