Behavioral Crisis: Update 07/21/2012 (8pm)

Behavioral Crisis: Update 07/21/2012 (8pm)

We just received a call from the staff at Akron Children’s Hospital.  Gavin is due for a booster shot prior to this coming school year.
They wanted to know if we wanted them to give him the booster.

We were like,  “heck yeah,  that would be awesome.” It awesome because it won’t go well and we don’t have to struggle through that one our own now. On the other hand,  not that I want Gavin to experience pain,  but maybe he’ll associate the shot with the psych unit.  That in itself may be a deterrent.

Either way,  it needs to be done and honestly,  I’m glad we aren’t the ones to have to do it.  This will also give them some more insight into his behavior.

On the other,  other hand,  he might do just fine and that would be awesome as well. 

I want this to be over with so we can move forward with our lives,  together,  as a family.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Umm, yeah, I do take care not to eat it as well. It never belonged in our food system either; the first case of Alzheimers was described in 1906, years after it was first added to the food supply. It is also much worse injected than ingested. YES, it is bad too. It's actually worse than the mercury in some ways. I'm only speaking up because the last thing this child needs is to be made worse off than he already is.


I appreciate your concern but this is not a good place for the same old vaccine debate..

I also don\’t like the presumption that I would ever hurt my child. I would suggest that you educate yourself about exactly what kind of mercury was in the vaccines.

There are two types. Oe that collects in your system and one that passes right through. Google is your friend.

I appreciate your concern for Gavin. Spreading paranoia doesn\’t help anyone.


wow another do not vaccinate subject. I thought the big deal was mercury in vaccines…now it's aluminum too? Here's what I found: <a href="” target=”_blank”>…” target=”_blank”>

Aluminum is found in foods too…so might need to look into those too if you are worried about this


PLEASE stop vaccinating this child. Aluminum is a known cause of epilepsy, it has been used to induce seizures in monkeys, cats, and rabbits, so that seizure drugs can be tested on them. The behaviors he has are related to the aluminum/seizures, PLEASE believe me when I say he cannot control them. I know it seems like he does have some control but he truly does not, and before you tell me I do not understand, let me just say that I have a severely affected nine year old daughter who I have been holistically treating for four years now. She is still nonverbal, but the bad behaviors just completely disappear when she is stable and she just naturally controls herself. When she isn't "right" she has no self-control over some of the things she does, even though I know she realizes they are wrong. I promise I understand how hard this is to deal with, but PLEASE do not give your son any more vaccines for the time being until you know more.

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