A walk in the park with my son

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Elliott and I decided to change things up a bit tonight. Instead of going to bed on time we went to the park.

We started out walking the track and ended up taking to the creek bed to look for whatever cool things we could find. 

Elliott had such a good time and found a ton of fresh water clam shells.  He only wanted the ones that were still connected.  We also found some snail shells as well.

He very clearly shares my love for nature. 

I used to do the exact same things when I was a kid. This is something that I want to foster in Elliott because it’s a natural love and I want him to be able to explore the great outdoors.

I had so much fun with him tonight.  He was so relaxed and worry free.  He’s never worry free. 

We also walked 2 miles and burned 550 kcals.  That’s more for me not him.  🙂




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       -Lost and Tired

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Lynda Stacy-Visyak o

Rob, you two needed that time today. Glad you had a great walk with him. A little serenity takes away some of the other problems awaiting you tomorrow. Sleep well and hope tomorrow goes your way.

Rob Gorski

Thank you very much. Moments like that he out things into perspective for me.

Jennifer Green on Fa

Sounds like it was perfect for you both! Still praying for your family.

Stephanie Scott on Facebook

So glad you got out and away for a while. That looks like the BEST kind of happy place!

Rob Gorski

Thanks. It was a pleasant change of pace.

Mary Franzen Costello on Facebook

Good to read about the joys you still find.

Rob Gorski

I\’m always trying to remain positive. I owe it to my family to do that. 🙂

Onyx Panthyr
Onyx Panthyr

This is so nice. 🙂 I uploaded a few pictures I took in my backyard that I think are perfect for you and Elliott considering your last picture there. Let me know when you've copied them so I can reclaim the Dropbox space. 🙂 And let me know how Elliott likes them! The first four are from one that I rescued from our filter pads. He must have hatched in the tub and when I was cleaning it out, I found him and made sure he got to a nice leaf. The second four are one of the full grown… Read more »

Rob Gorski

Elliott loved these. Thank you so much for sharing them. Elliott and Emmett both loved your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

Onyx Panthyr
Onyx Panthyr

You're very welcome! 🙂 I'll pull that folder down tonight. And when I find some time, I'll see what else I can dig up because I have other nice nature photos.