Almost 6,000 Posts Later

I’ve written close to 6,000 posts in the last 3 years.  It never occurred to me that I had so much to say. The truth is, as of late, I feel as though I’m just punching the time clock. In other words, I feel like I’ve run out of things to say.

I don’t know what happened but I’ve not been as inspired lately.

Writing has become a chore at times and I can’t seem to focus my thoughts anymore. Is this a sign that my depression is getting to be more problematic? Maybe I’m just so exhausted, that it’s just too much effort at times.

I will say that while I desperately need my anti-depressants, they do affect the flow of thoughts and make it much more challenging to string two or more coherent ones together.

At this point in time, I’m lucky to be writing a few times a day.  That may seem like a lot but in truth, for me it’s not. 

Not only am I struggling with writing, I’m frustrated with myself for struggling.  This has been a huge outlet for me over the last few years and I can definitely feel it.  Not writing means no outlet… It’s like a vicious cycle. 

I want to thank everyone for continuing to read, even though I know I’m not providing the best reading material right now. 


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Candy Moyer

i completely understand that’

Lost and Tired

rjones22 AutismAdventure thanks for your support.  Pain and depression both have an impact, you’re absolutely right.  I used to do 8 posts a day and now, not so much.  The thing is, the more I wrote the better I feel.  Lately, it’s just been a lot of work.  I’ve had to move servers several times now to meet the demand.  It’s stressful, just trying to cover the costs associated with Lost and Tired anymore.  
I may have found a solution to that but I’m not sure yet.  
Anyway, I think I’m going to focus on one thing at a time and try and find my way back.  I truly appreciate your support.  Thank you so much.  🙂


I think your pain is affecting how you feel about everything because it makes everything a struggle. thank you for what you do


I’ve often wondered how you post so often.  I am lucky to post once a week, though I did it 3 times this week on my blog.  I also wonder how people keep up so many posts on twitter.  I think it is normal to run out of stuff to say.  You have many of the same things going on in your life day to day.  There isn’t always going to be something to say about it that you may not have said many times before.  When you started this page, your circumstances were different, correct?  The younger boys did not have a diagnosis yet?  
Your pain levels could also be part of the issue as well.  Maybe you should take a break from writing for a few days and see if that helps?  I do follow your blog almost everyday but, I think I could live without it for a few days if I had to;)  Maybe take a break from writing and autism stuff or maybe just writing and read some other autism blogs.  Sometimes seeing what other people are going through that is similar to our family inspires me to start writing about it.