All I can say is WTF -

All I can say is WTF

I’m just a tad bit frustrated at the moment.  The nurse that I spoke with last night and this morning did not provide accurate information.  We were concerned yesterday because of the day to day,  extreme fluctuations of Gavin’s lithium levels.

This morning she reported to me that Gavin’s levels were so high because he had just taken his meds prior to the blood draw.

That turns out not to be the case.

Gavin was admitted Friday night and received his medications at 11pm that night.  They drew his blood around 7:30-8:00 am the following morning. 

At that point,  Gavin’s levels should have been low because he was due for another dose.  They call that being in a trough. Basically,  Gavin’s levels drop as time goes on.  This is why he takes it twice a day.  This maintains a constant level in his system.

However,  in Gavin’s case,  the opposite has happened. The bottom line is that Gavin’s body seems to be metabolizing his meds in an unpredictable manner.

This of course,  is a huge problem,  especially considering the meds we’re talking about.

We spoke with Cleveland and they are going to figure out what needs to happen and call us back.  They told us that he is going to need very frequent blood work,  because these are dangerous medications and we can’t afford to take any chances.

So to this I have to sayWTF.. Really,  WTF?

How do you give them wrong information?  I mean,  Jesus Christ,  it’s friggin right in front of you.

We went from being scared to relieved to being scared again,  since this time yesterday. This time however,  I’m passed off. . This is way too big a deal for simple mistakes like this to happen.

We would have made other arrangements if we had known what we know now. 

Our appointment with Dr.  Reynolds has been bumped up to tomorrow evening and he’ll know what to do.  My fear is that the only truly safe thing to do is take him off his meds

The thought of that scared the shit out of me. On the other hand,  so does the alternative.

It don’t even know what to think

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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That is outrageous. So Gavin is staying at the hospital for now?


Sometimes you can get the best drug answers from your pharmacist concerning drugs and their effect, esp. if you are affiliated with a teaching hospital. How would he be on just the anti-seizure meds? Then, worry about the moods? Very tricky when medical bumps up against mental, isn't it? Hoping for answers soon.

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