Thank God it’s the thought that counts

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Both boys had a great day at school. They celebrated Valentine’s Day and made out like little bandits. I got Lizze some chocolates and a this stuffed animal weiner dog. 

Thank God we subscribe to the whole it’s the thought that counts philosophy because she broke out in hives within minutes of coming into contact with it the stuffed dog.  😲

Gavin’s having a challenging day and I’ve just about gone bankrupt in the patience department but he’s had worse. He’s trying and that awesome. 

In a little bit, we will be in another family therapy session with Dr. Pattie and I’ve promised the boys the last if they cooperate, we’ll have pizza for dinner. So far so good on that front..  ☺ 

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kimmy gebhardt
kimmy gebhardt

Regarding your family therapy, what exactly does that entail? I know you have been seeing Dr. Pattie for years but I don’t think you’ve ever explained exactly what she does for you. Do the boys ever see her on an individual/private basis or is their interaction all in the group setting?