Holy Shit! Gavin hit a MAJOR milestone tonight

Every once in awhile, the kids do something that completely blows me away. They always impress me but sometimes, what they do is a real game changer. Tonight, was one of those night for Gavin.

For the last five years or so, Gavin has been receiving IVIG Infusions in order to treat his Common Variable Immunodeficiency. In all the hundreds of infusions, Gavin has always hated the needles and who can blame him. He’s never liked them but at the same time, he’s never complained. ☺

Over the years, he’s slowly taken more and more responsibility for his infusions. He’s gotten to the point where the only thing he wasn’t able to do was put the needles in his belly. He has been to uncomfortable doing that and that was okay, we weren’t going to push him.

This evening however, he approached me and said he would like to try putting the needles in his belly, all by himself. I was totally caught off guard by his request but totally in support of it.

Part of me was thinking he would end up not going through with it but he totally did and did an amazing job. This is an unbelievably amazing milestone for Gavin and I couldn’t be any prouder of him… Full disclosure, he’ll find a way to make me even prouder than I think is possible, he always does.. ☺

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