Um..can you say overstimulated

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Ever since Gavin’s meltdown a week ago today,  that led to his admission to the psychiatric unit at Akron Children’s Hospital,  Elliott and Emmett have be extremely overstimulated.

They have both been bouncing off the walls and couches because they have so much excess,  anxiety related energy.

Since Gavin’s come home,  it’s just gotten worse.  They are more wound up now than before. I’m not sure how to help them to come down,  so to speak. I think they are torn between excitement and fear when it comes to their feelings about the big brother.

It’s got to be overwhelming for them and hopefully, as time goes on,  they will settle down. 

It’s unbelievable just how something like a violent meltdown and the hospitalization of their big brother,  impacts their lives. 

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       -Lost and Tired

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  • jennifer says:

    When I took an intensive 3 day seminar on sensory processing disorder, one of the biggest lightbulb moments for me was when children need to calm down bring on the weight. It may be helpful to have them move piles of books from one place to another, watch TV with a weighted blanket or u dog in your case (we have those "Blankets" at my house too! My home is big enough for my kids to ride scooters or skates in and I tolerate it because of the extreme summers here in Arizona. If the weather is preferrable try a trip to the park to burn off some extra energy. If the boys like bath time keep them in there for awhile for lots of splashing almost like pool time or if there is a community pool around you could try that. I know that it is hard with Gavin and these things could also overstimulate more or one of the children. Just a thought though. You are all in my prayers and I thank you for your honest look into a life of parenting special kids.