Started out rough but ended up awesome -

Started out rough but ended up awesome

I think maybe Emmett’s getting sick or is hitting a flare. He’s been very challenging the last few days and this morning was no exception. 

He woke up in a horrible mood and did quite a bit of yelling. 

It took a great deal of patience and extra time to get him ready for school.

Frankly, I was surprised he was having such a hard time because we are all having breakfast together in the school cafeteria and he was excited about that.

He was uncooperative, all the way until he was physically in the car and we were underway. 

After that he was fine. 

We ended having a great time at the school. I walked both him and Elliott to their respective classrooms, before Gavin and I headed home.


Emmett did have nightmares again last night but didn’t want to talk about it. 

This poor kid has nightmares almost every night, ranging from a black hole appearing in our house and sucking everyone but him and Elliott into it, all the way to being eaten alive by a wolf and not being able to wake up. 

It’s no wonder he has such a hard time sleeping. 

We’re working on it in therapy but it’s very much a work in progress because he refuses to talk about his feelings. 

For the moment, I’m going to hang on to this morning because we made some great memories at breakfast…. ☺

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