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One of the issues we had yesterday was that Gavin taking things out of his brothers hands.  It wasn’t that his brothers were handing him something,  they just had something he wanted.

I spoke with him about this but basically choose to let it slide.

This morning he did it again. He says that he doesn‘t know why he’s doing that. Could it be simply impulse control issues or something more? Do I believe that he doesn‘t know why? Yes and no.

He’s my son,  I want to believe everything that comes out of his mouth. However,  I’m just smart enough to know that I can’t. I truly hate the fact that I can’t trust him but that’s the reality I live in.

He always claims that he either forgot,  didn’t know,  doesn’t know why or flat out denies that it happened. The truth is,  we can have a difficult time knowing one from the other because he’s very convincing. The only reason we ever catch him him is that he has a tell.  Basically,  when we question him about something,  he reacts in one of two ways.

If he’s done nothing wrong and is telling the truth,  he tends to remain calm and under control. 

On the flip side of the same coin,  if he’s guilty and being untruthful,  he will almost immediately meltdown because he’s angry that he got caught.

I’ve just totally lost my train of thought and have no idea where I was going with this,  so I’m gonna cut this short.  My brain is on overload and stringing thoughts together is not the easiest thing at the moment.  If you would like,  you can just assume that where I was going was profound and awe inspiring 😛

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Kathy Wolf Angles on

Gavin and Thom are more like their father. He lies, he flies off the handle about the small shit. Wish I could take that part he got from Nick out of them and they would be okay.


‘I spoke with him about this, but basically chose to let it slide’
I think you have your answer about why he keeps doing it.


Yes that is hard. I can tell you for me, it is very hard sometimes to have control over things, and also it is not a good feeling to know you are making people unhappy, and know or think that you can't control it right then., at least for me.


You are very wise. I wish I knew where he was coming from. If I better understood what made him tic, I think knowing what to do would be easier. The problem is that it\’s just as likely that he\’s doing it on purpose and pretending he doesn\’t know why he did it as it is that he truly doesn\’t know. That is perhaps the most frustrating thing when it comes to Gavin.

I really appreciate your insight Chloe. It really helps. 🙂


Rob, just from my point of view and perspective, I would maybe believe that he really doesn't know why he does it, maybe it is impulse. Maybe he wants to stop, but it happens so fast he can't? Not sure, just trying to brainstorm here. Can he tell you at all what is going through his head when he does these things? Or why he feels like he needs to do them?
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Truthfully, I don\’t know. That could very well be the case. The problem is that we just don\’t know. 🙂


That is exactly what I assumed. Keep on keeping on. Regards, Leslie
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