Please keep Gavin in your thoughts...again -

Please keep Gavin in your thoughts…again

I fear that we are in the verge of another autonomic crisis.  We are waiting to get his blood pressure meds refilled and so he’s been out for about 3 days.

Gavin has complained of blurry vision today already and is now having bouts of chest pain. 

In the past,  all these have led to a few days in the hospital. Right now,  he’s resting on the couch and watching TV. If his heart rate stays elevated,  we may have to take him in before he crashes.

If you could please direct any and all healing thoughts or prayers in his direction,  I would be quite grateful.  I’ll keep you posted.

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I just sent you a message on your website. I’m sorry you all have to go through this……

Wendy F

Prayers that Gavin comes through okay. *hug*

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