Special Needs Parenting: Why is everything a battle? -

Special Needs Parenting: Why is everything a battle?

I’m very pleased to announce that Gavin is still making good choices.  We have gone almost 2 weeks without a single violent meltdown.  For that matter,  we haven’t seen any meltdowns,  violent or otherwise.

I’m constantly praising him for these choices and hopefully that will encourage him to continue.

The biggest issue we are having with Gavin,  at least right now,  revolve around his health. That’s certainly not his fault but that adds a great deal of stress and uncertainty to the Lost and Tired household.

We still haven’t received a refill of his blood pressure medication. Despite my repeated attempts,  we are still left in limbo. 

I really think that at some point,  Gavin will be back in the hospital because of this.  He’s experiencing more and more problems with each passing day.  Perhaps this is for the best.  I hate to say that but squeaky wheel gets the grease. It also is more evidence of the orthostatic issues he’s having as well. 

I’ll be making more calls this morning and I’m not going to be pleasant to speak with. .

I totally understand why no one wants to call in a refill,  I really do.  The problem is that Gavin clearly needs them and he’s paying the price for all the indecisiveness. 

Everything is a friggin battle.  I know we are the only special needs family to experience things like this.

Still waiting on my easy button.  🙂

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Way to go Gavin!!!
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